Advices when using credit cards

1. cards wherever there is opportunity!
Earn security, traceability, you can better plan your expenses, do not carry large amounts of cash, get discounts.

2. cards even for small purchases!
Use the card not only for large planned purchases and travel, but also for small payments. Regular shopping accumulated allowance at the end of the reporting period may exceed the monthly service fee for the card.

3. repayment entirely possible!
Use credit card as a kind of advance – shopping with her months receive a discount, and upon receipt of a salary covering the entire amount spent in which you have interest for purchases.

4. Remember only the most important things related to the credit card!
The main cost for you card is the monthly (or annual) fee. The interest you can avoid if you use the card for purchases and fully repay all in the grace period. All other expenses on the card depends on usage – for example, charge for cash advances, interest in drawing, interest in partial repayment. They are in connection with emergencies such as forgotten PIN, lost the card, exceeding the credit limit, etc., As described in Tariff.

5. Keep track online movements on your card!
The most convenient and illustrative way to track credit card through Raiffeisen ONLINE – registration and access are easy to see any movement on the card available and are issued monthly statements electronically. Through internet banking you can easily and quickly repay your other account in the bank.