Credit Card Scams

Federal court in New Ark, New Jersey, Bulgarians sentenced Alexi Kolarov 30 months in prison. According to one of his lawyers, however, he will be at liberty soon as that sentence was waiting much longer. 32 -year-old Kolarov was captured in June 2011 and in Paraguay’s capital Asuncion. Upon his arrest have seized hundreds of thousands of dollars in various currencies, fake credit cards and skimming devices to record credit information.
After his arrest Bulgarians remained behind bars in Paraguay for two years while awaiting extradition to the United States. Before being captured, he was hiding from justice for nearly ten years. Bulgarians accused along with 18 people from the group for cybercrime ,, Shadoukryu “responsible for draining nearly four million dollars. The withdrawal of money as has happened in Paraguay and in Europe and the united States. The Group has maintained a virtual market online , which sold stolen credit card numbers
15 of the 19 accused have pleaded guilty in 2008, and four, including Kolarov managed to escape. ,, Shadoukryu “cracked the case began to unravel by Albert Gonzalez, elite hacker from Miami who was administrator of the website of the group, until he was arrested in 2003. He began to cooperate with law enforcement. Only later authorities learn that their informant played a double game and works on its own scheme for intrusion and data theft of tens of millions of banks, companies and their customers. So initially it gets promised by the authorities suspended sentence in exchange for information. Gonsalez is actually brain “of the scheme with stealing credit information and resale of nearly 170 million credit numbers in 2005-2007, According to informed this is the largest such fraud in the history of this type of crime. Hackers ,, Shadoukryu “numbered 4000 people who also deal with the falsification of identity through driver’s licenses, passports and social security cards.
When he found that he lied judicial authorities for their participation in the group, which he described as insignificant, Gonzalez was arrested again in 2008. He is currently serving a 20-year sentence in federal prison. From 19 people who have been charged in connection with the case, 15 recognize their guilt, but four, including Kolarov managed to abscond.
Bulgarian is detected in South America Paraguayan National Police, when the Loire banks encountering suspicious movement on debit cards from Italy, Switzerland and Germany. Cameras sealed it often draw money with fake cards and was finally arrested in June 2011 in five-star hotel “Guarani esplendor” in downtown Asuncion. There police found hundreds of thousands of dollars in various currencies, fake payment cards and electronic recoding devices card.
After serving a two-year sentence in Paraguay, in his release last year Alexi Kolarov was extradited to the United States to be brought to justice here. Three others involved in the case are still at large.