Protect your CC Info

Theft and fraud more frequent especially in a crisis, a fact to which not complacent. We continue to develop and offer innovative solutions, while keeping in mind your important role in preventing and restricting such activities. We offer below some tips and recommendations.
It is especially important to keep your personal data from unauthorized disclosure them to others, since they can be used without your consent for banking operations – opening bank accounts, cash withdrawals and transfers, borrowing and issuance of credit cards your name as well as other actions with a negative impact on your financial situation. Here are some recommendations on how to protect your personal data:

Keep carefully your personal documents (identity card, passport, driving license) and any other documents containing personal data and information; store them so that they do not have to access a third party; If any of your personal documents be lost or stolen, immediately notify the Bank and the competent authorities;
Promptly destroy documents containing personal data and information, or for personal use (preferably using a machine to destroy documents – shredder);
Approach suspicious of any contracted or Unsolicited your forms of communication by which require your personal data. Although a phone call or letter-mail from the Bank seems reasonable and logical, always likely to be fraudulent. Do not respond in any case a similar experience contact while not personally contact us at the coordinates for feedback;
When changing your place of residence (permanent or temporary address, mailing address) promptly inform us; we encourage you to notify all other persons with whom you have a contract, and the relevant authorities where necessary; thus prevent unauthorized receipt of personal information from others;
Check carefully any banking information – reports and account statements and bank cards and more. In case you notice any operations not authorized immediately contact Fibank;
Periodically check your credit indebtedness by requesting a reference from the Central Credit Register with the Bulgarian National Bank, which you can do through our Bank. Thus promptly can detect the presence of loans that are not received;
Keep and protect from unauthorized access personal data of your relatives and loved ones who have died, thus will reduce the risk of their misuse.